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Andhra Pradesh

  • Capital : Amravati
  • Places to Visit : Tirupati, Kurnool, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada
  • Air Ports : Visakhapatnam, Tirupati, Vijayawada

Andhra Pradesh, known as the "Rice Granary of India" is the favourable tourist state in India, which has a coastline of 1000 kms with eight of its 12 districts having direct access to the sea. Located in South India, Andhra Pradesh is bounded by Tamil Nadu in the south, Telangana in the North and North-West, Telangana in the North-East, Karnataka in the West, and by the Bay of Bengal in the East. The medieval city of Amravati is its capital. The main languages that are spoken in Andhra are Telugu, English and Hindi.

It uniquely combines history, beaches and mountains into a great travel destination. The state of Andhra Pradesh is recognized variously-for its legendary dynasties; for its most revered temple, Tirupati; for its beautiful language, Telugu; for its lacquer toys and beautiful weaves; rich literature and the vibrant Kuchipudi. The Places to see in Andhra Pradesh are Sri Venkateswara temple at Tirupati. Andhra Pradesh had been an important seat of rich Buddhist heritage.

The climate is generally hot and humid. The summer temperatures vary from 20c to 40c, while in winter it is between 13c and 32c.

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